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  • Build Long-Term Authority YouTube Channels
  • Rank videos in YouTube and Google to get more FREE traffic.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • It is very easy to get to the first page with Yt supremacy but what if you could stay there and create an evergreen income. (without the knowledge of how to create backlinks to your videos for free and the pigyback methods to grow your channel. I Will Show You, So Scroll Down To The Bottom To see What Bonuses I am Giving Away!)


YT Supremacy Review – Build A Long-Term Authority YouTube Channels For Promoting Affiliate Products!


Hello Readers, I am sure you are looking for an Yt Supremacy review which gives you an detail cause about building an long-term Authority YouTube channels for Affiliate marketing ( To promote Affiliate products!)

Before moving into the actual review of Yt Supremacy. I would like to say few things about the vendor ( Product Creators ) Chris Derenberger along with Robin Palmer.

ytsupremacy review

This Is an First Product for both them; Even though this is an first product.

Both of them carefully trended this high definition course with lots of testimonials with their own YouTube channel.

Yt Supremacy is an evergreen product. In this industry coming up with an evergreen product is rare.

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys I know Robin Palmer very well a good friend of mine.

I have personally witnessed these two creators. How they have dominated the YouTube with the launch jacking method (Product review videos) For the past couple months using the same method;

Which you will be going through below and will be buying it at last.

So What Is YT Supremacy all about?


ytsupremacy review

Yt Supremacy is a simple method which teaches you on how to build authority YouTube channel to dominate any niches for promoting the affiliate products both digital and physical products.

yt supremacy is an apt course for the small YouTube channels

To build authority over the big YouTube channels in an matter of 2 months if you follow the simple guide in the given course.

This method shows you the optimization of your channel and drives thousand of views to your videos ( to the video which you have promoted other people products );

These views will be converting into an thousand of dollars.

ytsupremacy review

There is no need for an website, Email-list and even with-outshowing your face on camera.

Just Imagine that ranking your product review videos ranking in YouTube and google and generating passive income for couple months.

While you are in vacation.

What you will learn in yt supremacy?

ytsupremacy review

Dominate a Niche channel in YouTube:

In this video they will explain the effects about a niche-base YouTube channel and why you must have one if you want to grow your YouTube subscribers and earn long-term income (passive income).

How to rank Videos:

In this video, they will take you inside of one of their authority channels and show you exactly what you need to do to build authority and rank your videos at the top of search results.

How to build Your authority:

In this video, They will teach you about how to outrank your competitors who have more views,likes and subscribers than you by building authority and becoming an expert in your industry.

Step by step video optimization:

They will show you how to properly optimize and upload your videos for maximum rankings. getting this correctly will outrank your competitors.

Importance Of Commenting:

Uploading the videos consistently and commenting on the other channels can have Huge Impact on the authority of your YouTube channel. They will teach you about that.

Importance Of Thumbnails:

An interesting fact your video thumbnail can prevent your videos from showing in search results. Why? You will Get to know when you buy this course lol.


Check out my review video with my bonuses which is not in this training

I am sure till now you should have an general idea about what this cause is all about.

In fact when i first heard about this course I thought this is common now a days. But do you know at the end I have order an copy too for myself.

Want to know why? Because this course is proven and tested by the real users ( I will not imply you to Buy; But for beginners and professional marketers this is an good one. So spending an $13 will be worth your money ).

I have not finished my review yet ( I gave a small break for you to imagine the benefits of the cause)

Above I have been blabbing about Authority This and Authority That. what are the benefits of Authority over the channels you have?


Affiliate Marketing:

By having your own authority channel you can promote any products and services from any niche.

Launch Jacking:

You can start a career with launch jacking the products and earn up to 100% commissions and compete over the top marketers in that niche.

Building an Email List:

Rank your videos to top of YouTube and google has benefits like including an option of growing your email subscribers list.

My Final Yt Supremacy review is that this is an clear cut way of starting a YouTube channel and optimizing it along with building an authority overtime.

So that your videos will be #1 in both YouTube and google ( ” Don’t even forget that video marketing is on the Boom. Don’t be late for competition” ).

Yt Supremacy oto’s:

ytsupremacy review

Front end ($12.95): A series of 10 videos that teaches about ranking the videos in YouTube and google for various niches. the offer is ($12.95) buy it before the prize rises.

oto1: Yt supremacy case study ($27) : An in-depth case study by taking you into their own YouTube accounts and shows how to promote the high ticket offers.

oto2: Affiliate Videos ($47): In this part they will show you how to promote the products and the keywords which you need to focus on creating the videos.

oto4: YT persona ($97): In this offer. They will show you an way to create multiple YouTube accounts and how to use them to rank your own videos.


YT Supremacy Review – PROS AND CONS



    ♥    100% Unique & has Latest Content on The Topic

    ♥    Hot and Evergreen Niche

    ♥    Proven and Step-by-Step Training

    ♥    Also Get Attractive Bonuses Easy using instruction

    ♥    Excellent Support Team

    ♥    Superior quality

    ♥    Many opportunities to make money

    ♥    Reasonable price

    ♥    No skills or experiences needed

    ♥    Created by talented and renowned software creators

    ♥    Huge Demands

    ♥    30 Day Money Back Guarantee



    X    There is no video about back–links which you can build for your video without losing a single penny ( Don’t worry I have added that in my bonuses, So scroll down below to check it ) .



All of the bonuses are available below when you buy through my site Exclusive link!


Firstly the vendor bonuses given by ( Chris & Robin) to me to give it away for you guys.

Creating Videos on Budget: you will be surprised at how cheap you can start making videos and earn commissions.

Create Eye-Popping Text: Make your text stand out in the video titles which will entice the viewers to click your videos.

Copy and Paste Templates: Easily create a perfect video title, description and tags using our copy and paste templates.

High Ctr Video Titles: Increase your click-through rate by using the proven list of 30 video titles.



Now Bonuses From My Private Collection!

100 Subscribers: This cause is all about how to gain an authority with small YouTube channel. But I will show you in this bonus how you can reach your 100 subscribers fast.

List building via YouTube videos: Now a days video marketing is moving ahead in the marketing world. So I will show an simple step on how to create the email list with your videos.

Traffic Strategy: Until you have build authority over your channel YouTube will not give much promotion to your videos. So in this video I will show how to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Back-links to your Videos: I will show you how you can build an back-links to your videos in the YouTube channel for free.

Fast Growing method in YouTube: I will show you the method how you can get mass number of views to you old videos as well upcoming videos by piggybacking some channels.

My Top converting page: In the video description of your video you need to provide the link of the page which the product which you promote ( I will give you my top converting commission gorilla page with bonuses for you ).

High Tickets to promote: I will give you 8 high ticket offers which you can become an affiliate and create an video by promoting it in your channel to gain authority.


Get All Of  The Bonuses Above When You Buy YT Supremacy Through My Site! Click Here!

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