What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing Will It Work For All!

What is Affiliate Marketing?. I am sure many of you know about the affiliate marketing, But for those who are new to the make money online or to those who are looking earn an passive income concept.

I will explain why affiliate marketing is so easy to start it.

In Short affiliate marketing is all about promoting the products to others by emailing or talking about the product in social medias. When that product is bought by someone; Then the person who promoted that product will earn a bit of commission or even a percentage for the every unit he sell.

So to start it, promote the products ( which don’t have to be yours ). I will show you where you can find the products for you to promote (Both Digital and physical products).

Where to find the products to promote?

There are multiple affiliate networks or online companies that have affiliates such as clickbank, Warrior plus & Jvzoo. (These three networks has online training cause and software’s to promote).

affiliate marketing

Now for the physical products probably the biggest and most popular is Amazon!

I am sure has of now you got an little idea about the affiliate networks and marketing it.

affiliate marketing

Let’s Take Next Step In Affiliate Marketing:

Now As an First step Create the account in the above affiliate networks of your wish. So that you can choose the products and get your own affiliate link to promote it.

what is affiliate marketing
what is affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Affiliate link is your own link, So that you can post it in any social networks. If someone clicks your link and buys through your link then you get credit for that sale and receive the agreed commissions.

Now Let’s look about commissions. Commissions will vary from 50% to 100% for the small ticket products ( such as $20 products) And a little commissions of 5% to 10% for the high ticket products ( Such has an $2000 product).

Why Become An Affiliate Instead Of Own Product?

Well Let’s say if your an affiliate for other people products you don’t have to worry about the creating of the product and the customer service for that product. ( product creation is time consuming, need enough research and the budget for it ). 

So simply get you own affiliate link for the products from the above networks and drive traffic to it via many methods which I will post in this website in upcoming days. Once you drive traffic to your own link make sure they buy using your link; So that you will earn commissions from it.

It’s Easy right. As long as you drive the buyers traffic to your affiliate link.


There are many ways that online marketing Guru’s are earning 6 to 7 figures of income and making an living with it by just doing an affiliate marketing.

The Marketing guru’s use paid traffic,Email marketing, Video marketing, blogging and such. I will post about those soon in my website

As for Beginners. I always recommend them to do an review video about the product with completely free tools along with their affiliate link and post them in the social media!.

I will be posting review of the Good Products only after I tested it; So that It will help you guys in your long journey. Along with the lot of free training videos and information’s.

If you have any questions simply post them below. i will answer them all!

I hope this helps and gave you an general idea about affiliate marketing.

If your looking for an easy way to get stated with affiliate marketing and need my help then join my Private FB Group

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