Secret Of Spencer Mecham Who made 1 Million Dollar Commission With Clickfunnels


Find Out Secret Of Spencer Mecham Who made 1 Million Dollar Commission With Clickfunnels

Hello Readers. In this post, I am going to share the Interview of one of the Big affiliate marketer SPENCER MECHAM. I will share my insights, thoughts and take away from this interview 

Spencer Mecham
Spencer Mecham

In This Interview, he had shared his one piece of advice for all those who are starting the affiliate marketing, for those who are struggling and also whois looking to start affiliate marketing in 2020.

Are you a beginner OR expert a marketer?

Follow this Secret of Spencer Mecham ( Who made & figures income in affiliate marketing )

Are you ready to learn that singe secret of Spencer Mecham

Then read this post till the end…

Who Is Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham is a 7 Figure Super Affiliate and one of the honest, genuine, and helpful human beings that I have ever met in my online space.

Spencer Mecham is also ClickFunnels one of the top Super Affiliate who has earned over $1 Million in commission just by promoting Clickfunnels Product



He is an clickfunnels Dream Car winner

Clickfunnels Dreamcar
Clickfunnels Dreamcar


He is also released a course as Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

Which many affiliate marketers bought to achieve success.

What is Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course

This Affiliate Secrets 2.0 you will get to learn his best strategies which he used to promote Affiliate products in any niche using free and paid traffic methods.

You can watch his FREE Case Study where he has revealed How he made $10k in 30 days as a ClickFunnels affiliate marketer. 

He had not only created the course… he also created a CF Affiliate Grabber Chrome Extension.

He is giving it away for free, So you can WIN Clickfunnels Dreamcar. You can download Spencer’s Mecham CF Affiliate Grabber Chrome Extension for FREE 

Let’s say you are looking to learn the skill OR you need any other help regarding your affiliate marketing business then you can visit his website Buildapreneur.

Who Will Be Beneficial With Spencer Mecham Interview;

  • Affiliate marketers
  • To sell your own product
  • Build your Email List Fast
  • To Drive traffic to your Own Offers
  • For Beginners, it will be an golden opportunity.

let’s move to our short Interview with Spencer Mecham…..

Advice Of Spencer Mecham To Affiliate Marketers

The Advice Of Spence Mecham Is FOCUS…

Pick one method.

One traffic source.

Only focus on that for an entire year.

Watch YouTube videos, buy courses, practice, and implement.

Just keep the focus on one source Don’t try to do different methods at the same time.

Most affiliates fail because they don’t give any methods enough time to develop and grow skills in it.

This the most valuable advice he has given. It is as simple right. Try to Focus on a particular method and implement it.

What I Have Learnt From This Interview?

When I first started my Affiliate Marketing Journey. I consumed much content from Youtube bought many courses due to shiny object syndrome, But I didn’t implement it and Lost My Focus.

In other words….

1. The First Thing you need To Know Is FOCUS. 

If you have focus and implement the consumed content then you have gained an edge over other affiliates who is still on the wall.

2. Pick One Traffic Source

Pick one traffic source to promote your affiliate offer and learn everything about that traffic source whether through YouTube videos or through any course.

I Have been doing many Traffic methods at the start. Now I am solely concentrating on My website and Youtube Method to drive traffic to offers.

The most important thing… I would say is…

Pay very close attention to the part where he said…

3. Most affiliates fail because they don’t give enough time to any methods or strategy to develop and grow skills in it.

It is very very important…

I personally noticed that when someone is new in the affiliate marketing business and when he sees No Results then he starts jumping on learning other skills or another traffic source or another method without giving it proper time.

And this is not the RIGHT thing…especially when you’re starting out your affiliate marketing business.

Have patience; Focus on one method or one traffic source and master it.

Give proper time to learn one method, one strategy, or one traffic source so you can promote your affiliate offer in any niche.

When I attended one of the Conference which is held in GOA. I came to learn That it will…

Ideally, take at least 6 to 12 Month’s time to master on one method or one strategy or one traffic source.

So I am saying…

Focusing on one method or one traffic source. That is Spencer Mecham one of the TOPMOST SECRET that made him a 7 Figure Super Affiliate.

So what I am Expecting from you is “BIG YES”

You will take action by keeping the above advice in mind.

Go and apply this 3 GOLDEN RULE in your affiliate marketing business in 2020.

If you’re really serious about starting your affiliate marketing business then don’t forget to check out Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course.

Thanks For Reading My Post.


P.S If you have any questions or queries then please let me know in the comment below, I would be so happy to answer you; If found any value then share it with your friends for their benefit. Also, let me know if you need interview posts of other marketers.

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