Ministry Of Freedom Review | By Real Member Of MOF Program

Ministry of freedom review

Easy To Use - You Will Understand Training Easily


Value For Money - To Earn More


Quality - Best One From Jono


Price - High Price But Resonable


Support - High Level Support From 3 Marketers



  • A system For You To Achieve Success In Affiliate Marketing
  • Reverse Kanga method To Start your income
  • Audience List to start paid traffic
  • How To Create A product to launch
  • Guaranteed Approval To Promote All Info Products


  • It is an full fledged High ticket for your success. Only down side is it is costly. But it's worth it

Find Out Detailed Experience Of Ministry Of Freedom Review From Real User Of This High Ticket Program

Hello Readers, Should you join MINISTRY OF FREEDOM  In 2020? YES I RECOMMEND YOU TO JOIN My answer might surprise you. Ministry of freedom launched in 2020 By Jono one of Affiliate Marketer who scaled to 7-Figure In a short amount of time.

As a member of Ministry Of Freedom Review. I will share You My Full, Honest thoughts in this review. I am sure Everyone will be promoting this to gain commission; In fact me too. But I will give you detailed tour of my journey and update it every month, So that you can make a Decision based on that not by any shiny object syndrome.

I know this is an high ticket program ( Comes with an huge price ); But read through out the blog to get more details about it.

Now, Without Further ado, Let’s dive in!!!

Why I Joined Ministry Of Freedom

In August 2018, While I was working as a Web Form Developer in a IT Company 9 to 5 job In India,  Making $8/h. As I was working there ( Still Working soon will Quit it ) I was depressed and felt like trapped in the Job, As I always like to travel a lot. So I had thought of making some dollars for my Travelling Expenses.

I Decided to search the money making methods in YouTube. But most of them like a complete waste or an scam. As I was surfing I stumbled upon Jono Armstrong  videos saw the reviews and thought well he is just promoting and later I found his free training videos on how to start the affiliate marketing and got captivated by him. 

I started to follow his advice (training) and bought some of his products. Then I cam to know that instead of buying many products we should concentrate on particular method ( So started the website. Now my posts are  ranking in 1st page of google. if you don’t believe me try “Instant social quotes” & “Diddlypay Review” in google search )

I struggled for an year to earn money in affiliate marketing. Even though I earn money now and then but it is not consistent; then I cam to know that to be successful we need to have an coach who will guide us through. I searched for that type of coach and high ticket program but most of the are not good.

At that time JONO came with this ministry of freedom. I attended his free webinar training; I am captivated with that training, So I reached out to him on March 2020 and joined his program.

I experienced great things along side earning the money. More then that I am launching my first training in warrior plus FB GROUP PROFITS

Note: I am not selling you this high ticket program by writing this review ( well my affiliate link is included in this review though ); Instead for you to learn about my journey and make your own decision to buy this ministry of freedom.

Creator Of Ministry Of Freedom

Ministry Of Freedom Review
Ministry Of Freedom Review

The Creator of this product ministry of freedom is JONO ARMSTRONG. who is an affiliate as well as a vendor in both Warrior Plus and Jvzoo network.

Jono is one of the 7 figure marketer who is making a million dollars profit in a year by doing affiliate marketing. He is one of the marketer gaining affiliate commission with launch jacking method. when jono first announced that he will do an live in YouTube for his high ticket program to gain the BETA Testers.

I jumped in that live call but when he announced a $1000 for it. I was in dilemma whether I need to join because the cost is high or will be like other high ticket programs. After some deep thought I joined in this MOF. Do you know what he is pushing the members to get results so that can be used as an testimonial to sell his high ticket program. So as long you take action you will gain results. if you intend to join; Join now itself as this program is in infancy.

Why you need Ministry Of Freedom

Those who are looking to earn a passive income for the your retirement plan or to quit your 9 to 5 Job. Then Hop into MOF program, Many of them who joined mof are the  ones who is earning for their retirement plan.

Those who are eagerly looking to gain success in Affiliate marketing, Product Creators and so on.

You may have tried amazon affiliate, fba, dropshipping but you have failed to gain success with it. No problem take a look into Ministry Of freedom

What Is Ministry Of Freedom Here you go:

The Ministry of freedom is a full fledged training designed by JONO. Where he teaches you everything in his training from scratch about the affiliate marketing. the tools you needed for it. And also to scale it in affiliate marketing ultimately you need to create your own products. He is inturn teaching you on how to create your own product too.

The Training in his course is divided into has FREE TRAFFIC and PAID TRAFFIC. If your an beginner or if you don’t have money start with the free traffic and go for the paid traffic has it requires some money to start that method. ( I recommend you to start with free traffic )

ministry of freedom - members area
ministry of freedom – members area


What Is Included In This Training:

In this Training the modules are separated into an weekly basis. It is an 9 week training; Each and every module will be released at a particular time considering the date you joined in this program.

I will go in-depth detailed review on what you will learn in each and every week. but before going into that the first week of training is fully about mindset ( It has became an great asset for me ). It will makeup your mindset and determined to go though this training and also it made me disciplined by waking up early morning and implementing the process in my business.

Organic Method Launch Jacking

As I mentioned earlier Jono has been doing launch jacking successfully for more that 3 years as of now. So in this module he will go though the organic method along with the tools you need for launch jacking ( Like Commission Gorilla etc ). This is not like any other methods he teaches it gives in depth training along with the advance launch jacking method which he uses to promote the products.

You all know everyday minimum 4 products will be listed in muncheye, So that every marketers will apply for the link to promote it to their list. The Buyers will look for the reviews and videos like which your doing  it right now; this is called launch jacking. Where you are converting the buyers from others list to your own customers.

But That will be only possible based on the bonuses which you will be giving it to your customers or buyers. One of the reason the Jono is successful in launch jacking is because of  the valued pack bonuses he is giving out. Once you Join Ministry Of Freedom you will get access to the same bonuses which jono is giving away to promote the affiliate products.

Soft Launching

In this module you will learn about soft launching. It is simple in which Jono shows you the method to create your first product.

You will get to learn about the idea on how to create a small products, how to set it up in warrior plus and to drive traffic to the your offer.

Launching your own product is the fastest way to build your own tribe of buyers list. But as an beginner not many will come to promote your launch; But you can gain advantage from this soft launching if you join MOF. The advantage is after soft launching the product your product will be added as an bonuses in The Jono’s Upcoming Launch, So that you can build your buyers list fast. Those who bought the jono’s product will opt in to the bonuses which he gives away inside his product.

Email Marketing 

In this module you will gain access to the teaching of email marketing. Once you gain enough subscribers in your list, You need to email  it to them on daily basis to gain trust and earn money from your subscribers. 

you will get to know how to write headlines, how to structure the content in your email with your own twist to it. And also hoe to structure the autoresponder and the email flow automatically. when anyone enters your list.

Product Launch

One of the fastest  way to grow to your email list and make sales with it; Is to create your own product either training or an software in the market place.

In this module you will get to know everything on how to create a full fledged product as an professional. it is nothing when compared to soft launch because here Jono will show how launch an 6 figure product from scratch.

The most beneficial in creating your own product is that your product is allowed to be added as n bonuses in the upcoming Jono products. It is one of an easy way to gain the buyers list.

The Benefits From MOF

The advantages of joining the Ministry Of Freedom is the most important one for you to know; This will blow up your mind and will tempt you to purchase it; So Let’s look after the benefits one by one.

Guaranteed Affiliate Approval

When Your starting as a newbie in affiliate marketing; You need the approval of the product vendor to promote it. As an  newbie to this your request to promote the offer will be denied by the vendor because you don’t have any sales result.

But You will get guaranteed approval if you join MOF because Jono is an 6 figure marketer. He has an influence and connection with many of the product creators. So he will make sure that your request will be approved to  promote other vendor products.

Guaranteed Review Access

Once you got approval to promote the product you need an review access to the product before you promote it. Once you join in MOF; You will get access to the Launch Doc With the review access details.

Bonuses For Your Promotion

In The MOF Program; For every promotion Jono is doing it. You will get the Bonus page from commission gorilla; You will get the share code to import it directly to your account and use it has your own. This will increase your sales conversion ( Bonuses will help you greatly for conversions).

Reverse Kanga ( Commission With Rotator )

One of the great advantage in joining mof is reverse kaga. Jono used to crush as an affiliate by sending traffic to other people launches. Now As he released the high ticket program for making commission from his own product. Now he is adding the MOF members to his rotator ( With Your Affiliate Links ) for all the promos in the future.

The more people join this Course the more affiliate links will be added due to this you will be earning based on the probability. You will be getting the commissions  through your affiliate link without having to send traffic yourself.

Reverse Kanga Sales
Reverse Kanga Sales

Jono Launches

Jono will be launching the product every month. You will get 100% commission for all the launches of jono’s through out his funnel ( you will get more commission when compared to any other products ).

High Ticket Promotion

High ticket promotion is the good way to earn more commission in affiliate marketing. Once you join MOF you will get access to the Jono’s high ticket product to promote including the video ads and the sales campaign setup to drive traffic to this offer.

As of right now Jono has tested these traffic method and gives us the proven converting sales campaign to drive traffic to high ticket offer.

Audience To Drive Traffic

This is one of the most important advantage you earn by joining MOF. To run paid ads via google ads you need an preferable audience with the intent to buy products from you.

To gain audience you need spend lot of money. But here you gain the buyer intent audience by adding the Jono YouTube audience to your google ads account. So this will give you an ample amount of advantage in running paid ads to this offer or other offers. 

Soft Launch Advantage

As I mentioned before in Soft Launch. By joining this MOF you can able to create your first soft launch and this product will be added as one of the bonuses in the upcoming jono’s own product. 

By this those who purchase jono’s product will access the bonuses and in-turn you will get the buyer intend emails in to your own list.

Facebook Group

Once you join this program. You will get access to the course creators and will have an full fledged conversion between the members of MOF.

What Are The OTO’s Of MOF

Well To join MOF you need to pay full amount of $1997 ( Well the amount is huge but you can gain back much more ).

If you don’t have enough fund then you can pay the amount in installments of five. But you will not get one of the main benefit; Which is Reverse Kanga method.

Ministry Of Freedom OTO
Ministry Of Freedom OTO

>> Grab MOF With My Insane Bundle Bonuses << !!!


My Insane Bonuses For You

Here Is List Of my Insane Bonus Bundle which you will get. If you buy with the above link:

Bonus 1: Get Your DFY Website ($197) 

I will Set you up your OWN website with the SEO optimized my own theme and will advice you on how to rank your content in google; As you can see I can rank my website in top for some of my reviews.

Bonus 2: 1 On1 Call With Me ($197)

You will get Access To Me on a private call with me 1 on 1; Where I will share my own stratagies on how to rank in google with your Website and YouTube Content. Life long support from me.

Bonus 3: Help On Your Launch ($197)

I will help you on your first soft launches; To gain more vendors to promote your product. And also building your sales copy with the membership site.

Bonus 4: Access To The Blueprint Of My Google Ads ($267)

I am driving paid traffic from google ads to the offers. Interesting thing is I am getting buyers leads for just 30 cents/Per lead. I will personally show you on how to set it up.

Bonus 5: Access To My Future Products ($97)

Access To All  the future products which I am going to release it. Most importantly I will show how to create your first product easily with a few weeks .



How To Gain Access To My Bonuses:

–> Once you Bought Your MOF copy. Mention in the Comments below or Connect with me on FB for Bonuses.

Testimonials Of MOF

I have given you an detailed review about MOF. You will get results once you follow through the training; You need to continue for nearly 6 months to make an regular income. The trainings in Jono course is working out for me.

So it will work out for you too; If you do it whole delicately you will see the results which are posted like below. the below screenshots are the real earnings of the MOF members.

MOF Earnings Proof
MOF Earnings Proof
MOF Earnings Proof
MOF Earnings Proof

Do I Recommend MOF

Yes; I absolutely recommend it. I have seen many high ticket courses and interviews of many 7 figure marketers. But you know what this courses is the best one in the market; Because Jono will make sure you will get results from it.


P.S I think this Review has been useful to you. If you have any questions; Feel free to leave a comments  below.

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