How To Delete A Funnel In Clickfunnels

How To Delete A Funnel

Hello Readers, In This Post I will give you an detail step by step on how to delete a funnel in clickfunnels

What Is Clickfunnels ( What is clickfunnels used for ):

Clickfunnels is used to generate sales and leads for your business. But Creating a funnel which will convert good will be some what difficult for new users.

In clickfunnels basic tier, You will have only 20 funnels and only 100 pages. So clickfunnels has made it easy for us by giving the option of deleting an unwanted funnels.

But if your an Platinum user in clickfunnels then you don’t have to worry about deleting the funnels because you can create unlimited funnels and pages.

How To Delete a Funnel

So let’s say you  have reached max limit of funnel  in your basic plan.

Due to this you need to delete the unwanted funnel; So that you can create a new funnel for lead generation or sales. After the deletion you will have an free space to build funnels.

Deleting the funnel mean it’s not an actual deleting. You are basically archiving the funnel; This archived funnel will be stored in a separate place If need you can restore it again. this is an easy process to do it please follow the below steps;

Step 1:

Login to your clickfunnels account  —> Click here to login

Step 2:

In the clickfunnels main dashboard —> Go to Clickfunnels Tab then to —> Funnels

Now you will find all the funnels which you have in your account.

Click on the funnel, Which you think is unwanted

I will show you an Example: I am going to Archive “Delete the funnel” from Stash of funnels

How To Delete A Funnel In Clickfunnels
How To Delete A Funnel In Clickfunnels

Step 3:

Once you clicked the funnel. Go to Settings Tab on the upper right of the funnel.

Go To Settings Tab To delete this funnel
Go To Settings Tab To delete this funnel

Step 4:

Now Go down to the bottom of the page and click the button Archive Funnel.

Click The Button Archive Funnel
Click The Button Archive Funnel

That’s it your Funnel has been archived it’s simple right.

Once done, You will see the count of your page and the funnel is reduced. If not then simply logout and login to your dashboard again.

I Have Explained In video Clearly look into It

How To Retrieve A Deleted Funnel

It is also an Simple step; Please follow the below instructions.

To retrieve the funnel Go To.

Step 1:

The ClickFunnels —> Funnels

Step 2:

Click on the Archived Tab ( To see the funnels which are archived by you previously )

Go To Archived Tab
Go To Archived Tab


Look for the funnel you want and click the button Restore

Thanks for the reading the post.

If you have any Questions regarding clickfunnels. let me know  in comments.

I recommend you to check out the clickfunnels  integration post for more details about clickfunnels

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