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How To Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business ( A Step- By- Step Guide )


Hey, my name is Prasanth Pacha; I am working as an IT Engineer Job, and doing Affiliate marketing has a side hustle. Soon I will convert into a full-time affiliate marketer because I hate my job. My Main Goal of this step by step guide is to help you start a Long Term Thriving Business with an affiliate marketing.

I am sure many believe that to start an affiliate marketing you need a lot of money well that is not true. I will give you a perfect way to start affiliate marketing for beginners and to earn money with it. I am sure once you have gone through this guide you will have a good understanding of it. But be sure to implement the process too!!

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Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

As for the first step you need to pick your niche ( It is nothing but the category which you choose now to promote a product ) in the long run if you need then you pick another niche too. So How to select the niche?…

It’s simple to choose the niche. select the one which you know about; which you like to talk about more; which you are more passionate about ( so that in the long run you will not burnout with it )

For Example, My wife is passionate about beauty, she can talk about it for many hours. So she selected the beauty niche and started with it. As for me make money online is my niche.

The main three Niches are Health, Wealth & Relationship

Here is the list of Niches for you to choose:

Health: Weight loss, Building muscle, Keto Diet, Vegan Food, Kitchen Appliances, Cooking, Supplements, Cbd Oil, Survival, Beauty.

Wealth: Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Softwares, Finance, Credit, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Business, Building Softwares, Stocks, Investing, E-Commerce.

Relationship: Wedding Cards, Relationship Tips, Divorce Consultant, How To Pick Up Girls.

Electronics:  Computers, Smartphones, Photography, Videography, Camera Gear, Gaming, Fashion.

Hobbies: Travel Blog, Trekking Supplies, Van Conversion, Hotels, Trip Advisor, Airfare, Music, Cars, Sports Equipment.

You can select any niche from the top ones which are suitable for you. Even if you are not comfortable with any of these niches. You can start a blog and write about yourself or about social content/ Messages.

Step 2: Get Your Website Name ( Domain ) For Your Business

Once you have selected the niche; To start with you need a Domain along with the web hosting.

Choose your desired Domain name for your website. By clicking here

Your Domain name should represent the niche you are going to choose. ( Kindly avoid reviews in choosing your domain name )

Another tip: Always choose .com if available; Instead of choosing the .co/.net/.org

Don’t worry about the expenses, Each website domain only cost about $12 per year ( Only $1/Month).

Step 3: Sign Up For Web Hosting To start building Your Website

Now Let’s see about the hosting you need to host your website.

I recommend you to go with Bluehost for web hosting services.

So how much it cost? It starts at $3.95/month ( Exclusive 40% OFF Discount Already Applied )

Why Bluehost?

It has powered over 2 million websites, Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress, they offer WordPress-Centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation, free domain name, email, FTP, schema, and much more. Easily scalable and backed by 24/7 support by in-house WordPress experts.


Step 4: Build Your Website With WordPress

Installing WordPress is the next step which is done for free when you purchase the web hosting in Bluehost.

Once WordPress is installed you need to build up your website from scratch with an optimized theme for it. I recommend Happy Themes.

Here is my Article link o how to set up your website.

You can also outsource your website so that they can build your website. Go to and choose a Gig to build your website.

If you don’t want the headache of purchasing a Theme and Designing it for your website. No problem reach out to me in Facebook messenger. My Team will set it up for you for free  ( Zero Cost ).

Website Hosting: Bluehost

Best Website Theme: Happy Themes

Step 5: Design A Logo For Your Website

Once your website is done kindly have a logo for your website. Which will be like a brand for you as well as a website. If you take my website I have a logo for my website.

You can design a logo for your website on your own using which is for free. It doesn’t have to look professional, Play with the designs in Canva, and come up with your own logo.

If you want something professional go to and look for the Logo Gig. Pay Like $5 to $10 so that they can give you your logo.

Step 6: Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Offers To Join

I am providing you the top affiliate programs which I promote and earn money with it. Why I recommend this because these programs are good to promote.

1. Clickfunnels is one of the Software programs which you can promote. Why? Because you can get a Monthly Recurring Revenue ( MRR ). This means if someone buys the software with your link you get monthly commissions without doing much work. Not only that with click funnels you can sell high ticket products which they offer you to promote as well. ( I will post the detailed video about this soon ).

Get Free Clcikfunnels Account Here  –>

2. Legendary Marketer is a great learning platform. Which teaches you about the affiliate marketing and you can sell the program ( High Ticket Commission ) you can earn from $2 to $1000 commission by promoting this. the only downside is they don’t accept everyone as an affiliate.

But Don’t worry I will show you an easy way you on how can join as an affiliate for the legendary marketer. Join this program which I mention below, once you finish that training you can apply for the affiliate program ( They will approve you easily if you complete that training ).

NOTE: This training costs $7. I am not forcing you to buy it. But it the best way to complete the training and join their affiliate network to promote it.

Join The Legendary Marketer Training Here –>

3. So let’s say you are not interested in promoting make money online niche programs. Just join the, Where you can find the programs of different niches that you can promote to earn the commissions from it. ( I will post a detailed video on how to proceed with the Clickbank )

Join The ClickBank Here –>

4. Join the Warrior Plus network where you will find all kinds of digital products/Training & Plr for you to promote it by getting approved from the vendor. where you will get ( 50% – 100% ) commissions by promoting a single one.

Join The WarriorPlus Network  Here –>

5. If you looking to promote the software which is useful to your customers then the network for you to join is JVzoo. In this network tons of software are released by the product vendors on a daily basis for you to promote where you can get ( 50% Commissions )

Join The JVzoo Network Here –>

Step 7: How To Get Your Affiliate Links

So let’s say you have chosen the niche and joined the affiliate networks which you have preferred. The next step is to get the affiliate links for that program so that you can promote it online. Here is the thing which you need to consider based on the niche and the affiliate platform getting the affiliate link to the programs will differ. ( Don’t worry about these I will give you a detailed demo on how to get the links for all the above-mentioned network )

Once you have gone through the video you know how to get the affiliate link.

Step 8: Create A Content About The Product

So now you have your own website, You have joined the affiliate network & also got your own affiliate link to promote the offer.

The next step is to create content ( I mean a blog post ) for your affiliate offer. Give the title for the content as ” Product + Review “.

For Example, If I am promoting ClickFunnels I will write my content around click funnels and how it will solve the problem for my customers and how it will be useful for the business. I will give the title of that review as ” ClickFunnels Review “

To write a review copy on your website you just need to spend time and research on your product.

Website Traffic is the best Organic Traffic for your offer which you are promoting. So spend some time writing an article around the product too ( I will show how you can do that in the below video ).

Step 9: Traffic To Your Offer

Traffic is the most important factor to sell the product. You have everything ready now. Most of them struggle to drive traffic to the offers.

You don’t want to struggle for the traffic because the best traffic for the offers is the google traffic you will get by just writing the content about the product and by writing the content around it. This traffic is free ( you need to spend your quality time to write the article that’s it )

In the earlier part, I told you to write content like “Product + Review”. Now How to write relative content about your product to drive traffic to your offer. It’s simple go to and type the product name it will give you a suggested topic to write the content around your product.

I will explain in a detailed manner how to do it in the below video.

NOTE: I will give you a simple hack on how to increase the traffic to your website or to an offer by using social media platforms. Wait for the video to drop in; Where I will explain in detail.

Step 10: Build Your Own List WIth Email Marketing

Building Your Own Email List is an Asset to you guys. So that you can send emails to your potential customers about your offer and entice them to buy it from your link so that you can get a commission.

To send an email to your potential customers you need email marketing software. That is getresponse ( A email marketing software ); I will show how to effectively use the getresponse to collect emails and send regular emails to your customers using this email marketing software ( See the video below for more information about it ).

Get Free GetResponse Account Here –>

I have written an article on how to start building your own List Click Here

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  • Day 13: Using “OPM” To Build Your Business
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P.S I Hope this content is usefull for you; If you have any questions leave them in the comment. I will answer it.

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