Prasanth Pacha
Prasanth Pacha


Hello Readers, My name is Prasanth Pacha. I am 27 Years old lives in India; I am married to an beautiful partner who helps me throughout my life ( Well I am Lucky to have Her )!.

I have been In MMO Niche for over an year and have made money online by doing Affiliate Marketing in the form of promoting Affiliate products via Website, Facebook Marketing ,              Solo Ads and Everything where I can find opportunities.

In the beginning I failed miserably than achieving success; I bought many products over and over    ( Shiny Object Syndrome ). By going through all this i am now able to tell whether the product is good. Will it earn me any good amount. If I think that product will help you guys only then I will post Review, Tips and Marketing Strategies for you.

If you like to join my ever-growing Facebook group, Where I  can help you guys and also you will get advice from other marketers. Where you can grow together with me. Once you join my Affiliate Mastery Academy I will give full access to the training which will help you start your Internet Marketing Journey

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I have gone trough many products before succeeding, So if you are looking for any product which will help you then make sure to listen what I am saying about the product before  buying it. That is what this website is all about.

Not only I do product reviews in my website. You can also check out my Youtube channel for more training and Ideas for your growth

I will always give out the good or decent review in my site; Which will help you guys. If I thought any thing is missing in that product i will cover that topics in my Bonuses.

I will be releasing New products which will help you guys soon.

Info About Bonus Product

The Bonus product which i am giving away are the training / Case study which I have created or the products which I have bought with the license rights.

The Bonuses are always attached to the product links. if not you can reach out to me in the Facebook group, I will be always to help you.


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Thanks — Prasanth Pacha